The Detroit Region Will Receive Over $52.2 Million With New GEM Coalition

The Global Epicenter of Mobility (GEM) coalition, led by the Detroit Regional Partnership Foundation, will receive approximately $52.2 million to transform the Detroit area’s legacy automotive industry into a highly competitive advanced mobility cluster.

Despite significant local assets and potential leverage of more than $5 billion in private investment, the region’s prospects are threatened by rising global competition in the electric and autonomous vehicle market, by the rapid pace of innovation in new mobility solutions and by an aging workforce that needs continuous reskilling to keep up with new products and technologies.

EDA funding will address these challenges through a new Supply Chain Transformation Center, through which the coalition will provide direct assistance to existing legacy manufacturers to transition to the needs of broader mobility products.


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This talent transformation project will work with businesses across the supply chain to identify talent needs and it will invest in wraparound supports and training for workers to fill those gaps.

The Mobility Accelerator Innovation Network will help identify and support more fundable start-ups in the mobility space. EDA funding will support foundational infrastructure, increasing accessibility and capacity of testing and proving sites, and preparing industrial sites for private investment.

GEM unites 136 coalition members – including the Big Three automakers; United Auto Workers; universities; and state, local, and community leadership – with a vision for a more collaborative and equitable regional economy.