About GEM

About the Global Epicenter of Mobility (GEM)

Led by the Detroit Regional Partnership, the Global Epicenter of Mobility or GEM™ is designed to help build an inclusive and prosperous 21st century mobility sector.

With $52.2-million in grant funds from the U.S. Economic Development Administration, GEM will help the Detroit Region:

  • Develop cutting-edge technology
  • Create new, quality jobs and careers
  • Ready new sites for business

Vision & Approach

GEM’s vision is to accelerate economic growth by building on the region’s unrivaled mobility assets. It will create a smart, secure, sustainable, and inclusive advanced mobility industry, starting with the transition to next-generation electric, autonomous, and fully connected vehicles.

While grounded in automotive, GEM’s six initiatives stretch well beyond the automotive industry as advanced mobility technology evolves to move people and goods in new and exciting ways.


  • The Detroit Region is home to nearly 575,000 mobility-associated jobs.
  • This translates to over $105 billion in Gross Regional Product (GRP).

Source: Lightcast


  • In 2021, the global EV market was valued at $287 billion.
  • By 2028, the global EV market is expected to reach $1.3 trillion.
  • That’s a 353% increase that could drive Michigan’s economy in the 21st century with the right focus.

Source: Fortune Business Insight Report

GEM Initiatives

GEM Central

GEM Central serves as the unified body responsible for helping the region’s existing mobility ecosystem become better connected, smarter, more inclusive, and more adaptive to change.

Christine Roeder
Executive Vice President, GEM

Mobility Innovation & Acceleration

The Mobility Accelerator Innovation Network at TechTown is accelerating the growth of mobility startups that drive innovation and fill gaps in the mobility value chain.

Danielle Manley
Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships

Testing & Proving

GEM is helping small companies and entrepreneurs access the state’s world-class testing and proving assets.

Ryan Michael
Senior Executive, OFME

Supply Chain Transformation Center

Supporting the transition of small to medium-sized manufacturers and suppliers to modern mobility, including: electrification, autonomy, and pivoting to supply the new industry.

Ashlee Breitner
Managing Director

Site Readiness


VIP by DRP Site Readiness is verifying and cataloging development-ready sites to help expand and attract major mobility business investments and jobs across the Detroit Region.

Shannon Selby
Vice President of Real Estate

Talent Transformation

GEM assists in meeting the region’s advanced mobility talent needs, offsetting retirement and transition losses, and supporting career pathway advancement.

JV DeLaFuente
Director, GEM Talent Transformation

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To learn more, contact:

Christine Roeder

Executive Vice President
Global Epicenter of Mobility

GEM Background Information

The world is experiencing its most significant mobility revolution in more than a century. New technologies are disrupting the automotive industry while redefining what mobility is and how people and goods move.

The shift from internal combustion engines (ICE) to electric vehicles (EVs) presents historic challenges and opportunities as new mobility technologies are expected to require fewer parts and people to make them.

Amid this shift, no state has more to gain – or lose – than Michigan. Rising to the moment requires a regionwide response that marshals the 400+ mobility assets that make up the nation’s densest automotive and mobility industry cluster.